Kosher Restaurant Ft. Lauderdale

For all Ft. Lauderdale, Florida residents looking for kosher restaurants, try Kosher Restaurant Hollywood FL | Yum Berry Cafe. We are located in Hollywood, Fl, fairly close to the Ft. Lauderdale area and we offer a wide range of kosher frozen yogurt, salad bar, kitchen and cafe products.

Our self-serve frozen yogurt at Kosher Restaurant Hollywood FL | Yum Berry Cafe features 18 flavors of the highest quality ingredients including Cholov Israel yogurt. There are also 30 kosher toppings to choose from so that you can enjoy a sweet and healthy treat, with frozen yogurt that are low-fat and have no sugar added. We also provide blended smoothies and cold drinks for those days that need refreshment.

We welcome Ft. Lauderdale residents to visit Kosher Restaurant Hollywood FL | Yum Berry Cafe. We also offer sushi and cafe items such as freshly baked muffins and cookies. For healthy and quick meals, we also offer a salad bar and fruit sides. We also have a full kitchen that offers wraps, pasta dishes, pizzas and other great entrees.

Again, we encourage Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, FL residents to come try our delicious and delectable treats. There is also an online ordering service on our website for all of our cafe and frozen yogurt food options.